For many years in Italy, catering was mostly considered a simple, family-run business, without a real economic plan and a project with long-term prospects. Modern times also requires small businesses to deal with a complex and competitive market. This is where the individual talents that make up an organization paired with a fluid work approach, lead to concrete results. Together, our work will begin with the choice of an identity and concept, passing to the creation of a real and unique structure, creating the physiognomy of the locale with a graphic work.

At the same time, the planning phase of the start-up, the budget forecast, and a subsequent business plan draft will occur.

We will then evaluate and provide counsel regarding the choice of suppliers, selection of personnel, menu-planning strategies, organization of work, staff training, and marketing.

In the months following the opening, we will offer a continuous and detailed management checklist that will evaluate where to invest, where it’s possible to save, or where our clients need to move resources in order to obtain increasingly optimal and precise results.

Beginning a new endeavor is complex and exciting work that weaves together many different factors. As we aid a locale that is looking for revitalization, we combine numbers-based analysis with the wonderful resource of human value.

Our clients’ satisfaction will be the measure for the quality of our success!

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